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Discover the secret sauce of Wayra X!

Almost 10 years ago (X) Telefónica decided to create Wayra and open the corporation’s doors to entrepreneurs. The goal? To work with the best global talent and bring their innovations to the group’s more than 350 million customers around the world. Today, the world is more connected than ever following the biggest digitalization drive in history. Wayra now has 7 physical hubs in 10 different countries.

Could there be a better time to take the next step and roll out Wayra beyond its borders?

Why Wayra X?

Often, a startup's success and growth depend on its ability to find a brilliant solution to a problem, to resolve the X. Most of the unicorns on the market now valued at more than 1 billion dollars achieved that with their ability to solve problems (X) in a creative, agile, ingenious, speedy manner. That is what we are looking for with Wayra X!

How is Wayra different from other Hubs?

Wayra X is a 100% digital hub designed to invest in the global unicorns of the future, those entrepreneurs who are able to resolve the most complex X and improve people's lives by incorporating cutting-edge technology into their daily routines.

What is the scope of Wayra X?

At Wayra X, we do not cover a specific region. Our location is an X on the map anywhere in the world. Wayra X equals technology, business, disruption, challenges and opportunities.

Wayra XThis is how we invest

Wayra X

What do we invest in?

At Wayra X, we want to invest in the unicorns of the future and help them to scale up their businesses around the world.

We invest in 100% digital, disruptive startups aimed at mass markets (B2C) with a focus on 5G, e-health, e-learning, smart home, entertainment, mobility and the future of work, among others.

What does Wayra provide?

We invest up to €250k in companies anywhere in the world in the seed and early stage phases with an MVP or product on the market. We offer 100% online scale up services, visibility and access to Wayra's ecosystem of 7 hubs in 10 countries.

By receiving investment from Wayra X you will be able to access Telefonica's resources in IoT, Data, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and Carrier Billing and also Wayra offers.

How do we invest?

At Wayra X, we aim to be a strategic partner for companies and provide them with access to Telefónica customers to boost their present and future growth.

We are not lead investors: we do not lead investment rounds. We adapt to the terms and shareholders' agreement negotiated by the lead investor and the founders.

What do we offer?

Access to a large team of experts and mentors, 100% remote scale-up services, fast track to real clients via Wayra Next Trend and preinstallations on Movistar customers' devices.

Meet us!
Luisa Rubio

Luisa Rubio

Head of Wayra X

Andrés Saborido

Andrés Saborido

Wayra Global Manager

Mateo Rouco

Mateo Rouco

Head of Communications

Pablo García

Pablo García

Head of Finance

Claudia Fidalgo

Claudia Fidalgo

Head of Legal Open Innovation & FinTech

Felipe Perry

Felipe Perry

Scouting & Trends

venture development

Rafael Gross-Brown

Global Head of Venture Development

Wayra X

Maria Ángeles Barba

Scouting & Trends



Startups in portfolio

Wayra invests in mature and technological startups that bring innovation to Telefonica and its customer network.


Working with Telefónica

We believe that large companies can reinvent themselves by working hand in hand with entrepreneurs.



Barcelona, Madrid, London, Múnich, São Paulo, Bogotá and Buenos Aires.



Brazil, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.


Wayra X is an initiative from Telefónica, one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the world. Telefónica has around 350 million customers and its main markets are Spain, the UK and Brazil. Telefónica operates in 12 countries and has a presence in 24, with an average of 113,819 employees.

With Wayra X, we offer an opportunity to reach Telefónica's network and benefit from Telefónica resources and capacities in IoT, data, blockchain, cyber security and carrier billing. Do not miss this opportunity!